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Bass Pro Tips has set the standards for bass instruction since 1990.

One of the most recognized names in the industry, Bass Pro Tips keeps innovating and bringing to bass players the tools they need to improve their skills, and to successfully compete in the music world.

DVD books The Beginner Bassist's Encyclopedia, The Method and Supercharged have become favorites among bass players and teachers alike, selling thousands of copies around the globe. These DVD books are packed with theory and useful tips. A total of 529 pages and 607 bass lines will take your playing to a new level.

Now you can download absolutely FREE all soundtracks from The Method and Supercharged! Yes, ALL 20 BOOKS! A massive collection of bass lines and grooves performed by Sergio Mottura at 2 different tempos with drum tracks, so you can practice along.

Also, give a listen to New Millennium Nemesis. Since its release, this CD has inspired bass players and music lovers around the world, becoming a huge independent album success.

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